Village Discovery Tour

September 30, 2008

Welcome to the Kalimpong Village Discovery Tour.  
(Site last updated 9th January 2009)

  • Experience the only trekking and cultural programme in the beautiful and unspoilt area of Kalimpong.  You will enjoy a gentle trek between Kashyem, Baranumber and Sillery – 3 villages in the foothills  of the Himalayas, surrounded by outstanding views

  • Experience real Nepali village life and hospitality, with an opportunity to talk with the local people and stay the night in their village

  • Enjoy local music and dancing as well as traditional Nepali food and drink

  • Your contribution goes directly to the villagers you visit as well as to a Village Development Fund.

We have 2 tours available. A complete tour that includes staying overnight in a village (2 day tour) and a shorter tour of just one day. We recommend the two day tour as the overnight stay gives greater insight into Nepali traditions and village life.  An extension to a 3 day tour or even more is also possible.


2 day Tour

Day 1

View of BaraNumber
View of Baranumber Village where you will stay overnight on the 2 day tour   


A Traditional Nepali Kitchen. You can learn how to make traditional Nepali food and rather than sitting at a table, dinner will be eaten sitting on the floor in authentic Nepali style.
Day 2
After breakfast, you will take the ‘high road’ back to Kashyem, arriving in the upper village for tea and a short walk. From here we walk uphill through Sillery forest to a viewpoint overlooking the confluence of the Teesta and Rangpo rivers, as well as a stunning view of Kangchendzonga (clear weather permitting). The morning ends with a stroll down to the village of Sillery, virtually hidden on the upper slopes, where you will have lunch in a very simple but welcoming house.  In the afternoon, you will walk up to Damsang Fort, a ruined 17th century walled palace of the Lepcha kingdom after which you descend down to the village of 21st mile where tea awaits you at a hand made paper co-operative.  You will have the opportunity to see the paper making process from start to finish and purchase some beautiful souvenirs, if you so wish, before you are taken back to your hotel at around 5.00pm.
Kashyem School – You can visit the school and will have the opportunity to meet the children

1 day Tour

The 1 day Tour is similar to the first day of the 2 day Tour, but after visiting Baranumber village you return to Kashyem by a different route and then back to Kalimpong.

Walking in the villages you will find the people going about their daily activities, like this man selling samosas (local snacks) and biscuits

Map of the Trekking

Kalimpong-Kashyem   21 km – 1h by car
Kashyem – Baranumber   2.5km – 2h walking
Baranumber Village walk   1h30m walking
Kashyem – Burmaik   8km – 20m by car
Burmeik – 20th Mile 7km   5h walking
20th Mile – Kalimpong   18km – 1h by car

What you will need:

  • A pair of hiking trousers and walking boots, the trekking on the tour is easy to medium level.
  • A small rucksack for your overnight things (you carry this for half of the first and all of the second day)
  • A bottle of water (boiled water is provided at each village stop throughout the tour)
  • All food and drink are included in the price.
  • A warm jumper for the evening – the villages can be cool
  • A sense of adventure!

Conctact us:
Santa Rai
Mondo Challenge
Peepal Dhara
8 1/2 Mile, Rishi Road
Kalimpong 734301
District Darjeeling, West Bengal
Office Tel: 03552260026
Mobile: 9932368974
Mobile: 9932371416

Comments from previous trekkers:
“I had a fantastic two days.  The scenery is amazing and seeing the villages while knowing that the money from my visit was going to make a difference there was very rewarding!”
Anthony, England
“The family we stayed with were so warm and welcoming.  I particularly enjoyed seeing the traditional Nepali dancing and being able to join in the cooking while the family prepared dinner.  I really felt like one of the family!”
Martine, Belgium
“The views were stunning, and I loved the fact that I got a unique insight into the authentic culture and history of this beautiful area”
Stephanie, UK

“We will always remember this tour, it has made our visit to India very special”
Kirsty, UK

About MondoChallenge

MondoChallenge is an non profit making NGO that started in 2001, that runs educational and cultural projects in local schools and villages in the Kalimpong and Darjeeling regions of the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India.
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